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My Friend Jules

Photo by Ajari, via Creative Commons on Flickr.

My Friend Jules

My Friend Jules

Everybody knows Jules.
But nobody knows Jules
like you know Jules.

Like it or not, you’re in a relationship with energy. How’s it working out for you? Is it amazing what your friend will do for you – take you places, show you things – or is your friend Jules getting a little too high-maintenance? Here I’m collecting stories about Jules, the friend that everyone knows but never in the same way.


What is your relationship with energy?

I want to hear about it as a personal story starring your friend “Jules.” By sharing your clever / dramatic / heartfelt story, you will add your unique insight and dimension to an open, collaborative re-imagining of our energy future.


Vicky Long

My Friend Jules: A Writing Challenge

Can fiction help us collaborate on re-imagining our world? My Friend Jules is an experiment in creative envisioning: by contributing your stories about Jules, you help build a more dimensional understanding of our society’s complex relationship to energy. To honour imaginative stories like yours, we’re commissioning a work inspired by the stories we receive, by UK artist Vicky Long.


My Friend Jules: The Details

What if...

I told you that just about everyone in the world is friends with the same person? Not a normal person, obviously. Jules is the personification of the role that energy plays in your life. So if you fly on a jet to Kathmandu, Jules took you there. If you work at a nuclear power plant, Jules got you that job. If your heating (or cooling) bills are bankrupting you, well, Jules did that too. Nobody but you can describe how Jules manifests herself/himself in your life, because after all, he/she is your particular friend...

How Do I Participate?

Tell me a story

Personalise your relationship with energy (the power you get from power stations, fuel, and so on). In your story,“Jules” (energy) can take any form you like. How do you feel about him/her? How has your relationship with Jules evolved over time? What’s your future together?

Email your story to (You can also post your story on social media and email me the link.)

Why Contribute?

Fun stories build a deeper understanding

The My Friend Jules project explores new ways for us to think about energy and to share our points of view. It recognises that, in the end, our decisions about common resources such as energy depend just as much on human factors as science. By contributing your unique story about Jules, you are helping us all to build a more dimensional understanding of our society’s complex relationship to energy.

The Fine Print

By submitting material to our project, you are granting Stories of Change permission to publish the material.

Contact and press inquiries

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