Stories of Change: The past, present and future of energy

Derby Silk Mill – Museum of Making. Photo: Renata Tyszczuk.

Derby Silk Mill – Museum of Making. Photo: Renata Tyszczuk.

Stories of Change: FAQs

What is Stories of Change all about?

The Stories of Change project aims to support more dynamic public and policy conversations about energy by looking in a fresh way at its past, present and future. By drawing on history, literature, social and policy research and the arts, we aim to encourage a more imaginative approach to current and future energy choices and explore elements of a collective vision. Find out more

Why stories?

We are working with stories because they offer a popular and engaging route into thinking about the past and present and imagining possible futures, and also because stories, narratives and narration are concepts that everybody can gather around. History, digital storytelling, fictional narratives, and scenarios of the future all communicate different ideas about the consequences of change for everyday life, and explain different perspectives and attitudes towards change.

Can anyone contribute to the Stories of Change website?

Yes, the website is free and open to everyone. Create an account then share and upload your own content. Or create a story using any content already in the library. The Stories of Change project has been inspired by the example of the Mass Observation movement's stories of change in everyday life in the UK, above all in the 1930s and 1940s. Their work combined a desire to give ordinary people a voice, radical innovations in social research and bold new ideas about media and the arts. It has inspired us to listen to and give a platform to more diverse, often unheard, voices. Get started - create your account.

What is a Story?

Stories are a key feature of the website, built by threading together multiple content items around a theme or topic. You could think of them as a narrated feature story, a collection of related content, or a pathway through the library materials. Anyone can create a story - making links between existing content or linking your own uploaded content.

What is the Library?

The Library let's you browse stories, as well as the individual content items and media within them - video, audio, images, articles, links and documents. These are the nuts and bolts of the stories - research materials, media and more. A library item could be a video interview you've filmed, a historical map or photo or an article you've written. We're hoping the different ways to search, sort and view the content will allow unexpected connections and relationships to be discovered.

How do I create a Story?

Once you've logged in, create a story by linking together multiple content items around a theme or topic. Use the "Add to story" buttons as you're browsing the Library. Or head to your Dashboard and create a new story, using the onscreen options to find content, add and reorder items. Finish your story by giving it an introduction, cover picture and conclusion, adding your own text between content items if needed. You can use your own content in your story. Or browse the Library and add existing content from anyone.

How do I upload content to the Library?

Once you've logged in see the "Add content" button on your Dashboard. You can upload articles, video, audio, images, PDFs and more. See the Help section within the Dashboard for specific help notes and user guides.

Terms of use

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More questions?

Contact us with any questions about the project, requests and technical help.

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